100% Natural Plant Fiber Product

100% natural, 100% natural return.

고객지원 Customer


If you select the product specific number from the product category in the leaflet, determine the desired product specification and order quantity, and consult

You can check in detail whether custom production is possible.

In other words, for OEM & ODM business, consultation begins only when you send specific proposals in advance.

There may be differences between each product order, so detailed consultation with a sales representative is required.

Normally, it may take about 30-45 days for delivery.

 The price is similar to that of the most common plastic disposables on the market.

Fine Eco's pricing policy focuses on minimizing the burden on consumers.

 FINECO products come from 100% nature, from raw materials to manufacturing process and disposal, and return to 100% nature.

- Product raw material: 100% edible sugar cane is used as raw material without damaging nature due to logging, etc.

- Manufacturing process: No chemical substances such as plastics, and no waste such as pollutants

- Disposal process: 100% naturally decomposed into soil and fertilizer after 6 weeks of biological decomposition

There are many eco-friendly products around us.

However, most of the products require a high price.

You have to pay attention and effort, and you have to pay more than a regular product.

On the other hand, eco-friendly disposable products that can be used easily and conveniently and do not bear additional costs are developed with companies.

Supplying to consumers is Fine Eco's own 'easy eco-friendliness'.